Queen Street Mall

Christmas Sign

I love walking through the streets of Brisbane’s CBD at this time of year.  There are plenty of Christmas decorations to admire and when you need a break, you’ll find lots of entertainment in the Queen Street Mall. And best of all, it’s all free.



  • Myers Christmas window decorations are always a hit with children and inside is Santaland
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas stage show is on from 27 Nov on the Queen Street Mall stage Tues – Sun at 12:30pm & 1:30pm
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander performances are on every Tuesday from 10:30am
  • There will be ‘pop-up’ Christmas carollers in the Queen Street Mall every afternoon from 1 – 24 December
  • For country music fans, Lee Kernaghan will perform live – Sat 21 Nov on the Queen Street Mall stage 3:00 – 5:00pm
  • For fashionistas, Queens Plaza in the mall has a photographic exhibition called “Three Weeks With Coco Chanel” on from now until 13 December on Level 1

Health Benefits of Walking

I just read an article on Notebook magazine’s website called Walk Yourself Fit.  There are some tips on good technique, how to avoid injury and how regular walking can help you sidestep major health problems.

Poinciana Trees

Poinciana Tree

Brisbane walking paths that have been covered in the purple of Jacaranda flowers are now turning red with the fallen blossoms of the Poinciana tree.

Poinciana Flower

This tree comes from Madagascar and its flowers look like an orchid. As a walker, I love these trees because they provide lots of shade with their wide umbrella canopies.

The seed pods are dark brown and are prized by children because when you shake them, the seeds inside make a sound like a maraca.  The pods seem to be anywhere from 20cm to 60cm long.  In a while, you’ll notice them on the ground when you’re out walking in many areas of Brisbane, particularly in suburban, riverside and bayside parks.

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